Ligo Haibun

Early in 1980 a mini bus full of youth on a government unemployment scheme were tipped onto a field in the Cambridgeshire fens. Our task was to shift the mud to reveal an iron age settlement. No hydraulic machinery, no  geo phys,  just spades, trowels and wheelbarrows. The archaeologists fed up with my whingeing gave me the special task of excavating a small area of ditch surrounding one of the iron age round houses that we’d found.. I have never forgotten the thrill of revealing an eggshell, preserved perfectly in the mud as if just thrown out a few moments ago. That connection is a moment that I’ll always treasure.

scraping the surface

two thousand year old eggshell

the smell of breakfast


  1. Very funny but fitting haiku! That was a real find of a haibun too. The metaphoric but real ‘find’ in such an almost mundane moment of mud. You set it very well, and we enjoyed your discovery with you. It is a touching tale, and very much a classic haibun. Thanks very much.


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