Ligo haibun challenge. ‘ It is solved by walking.’ Beating the Bounds or Circumambulation

Whether it be a fine day or no’, today we be a beatin’ of the bounds. Our Tommy aren’t none too keen, for all ‘e ‘as ‘is stick o’ white willow ( altho’ that be fer the beatin’ o’ ‘im ) I ‘ad just finished winding my willow with milkwort and a fine ribbon, when ‘at look as if ‘s time to be a goin’. First we’s headin’ fer the olde elderne stub at Washford. Pastor Wigmore will be headin’ up, prayin’ and a callin’ on Gods blessin’ at every stone ‘n’ tree as marks our way, askin’ fer the fruit o’ the earth to come good, and sevral of them poor boyes will be ‘avin’ their hides tanned fer ’em, all the better for them rememberin’ where our Parish begin and ende. Tha’s always a bit o’ fun tho’. I got my neighbours w’ me and many a boy will get ‘imself chucked in the streme, do’em good i say. Tha’s seven mile round our Parish and I shall be good and ready to get t’ Furzey Mill Pitt, where all on us will squat down and tuck into a skinvull of Beere and Cake-bred……..

at the Gospel oak
not only the boys
are whipped


  1. Extraordinary piece – you’ve opened a very nice idea regarding haibun and local speech, but your topic covered is very,very interesting – I like very much the way you let your characters speak without interjecting, and let us make our own conclusions. That young boys were whipped is not pleasant at all, nor the reason or connection,but it is very interesting what history throws at us now and then. Your haibun delivered this straight, but it is a powerful reminder of when religion rules. A very original piece, quite unique, and covers a darker side of ‘spirituality.’ Very nicely done.


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