Ligo haibun challenge – A handful of earth

For the challenge this week we have the option to include a persian ghazel with the haibun instead of haiku.

The prompt was a painting from Suzanne, of which I chose this one..


Image by Suzanne
Image by Suzanne

I found this extremely difficult ( as I should ) Who could hope to condense hundreds of years of craft into an off the cuff partially understood, coherent  offering…..but here I go…


So we left the mountains; my grandmothers letter as flat in my pocket as the land we settled on. Pulled by my mother towards her homeland, where the windmills  had ground her shape, away from the mountains and moors that had carved mine. The moment of longing without the be.


Woven with words and through cloth, a tensile lament.

Golden harvest of reeds sound an exiles lament.


Sleeping on a bed of herbs and flowers, whose soil will cover me?

The mist that rises in a field by a hedge, exhales a lament.



I was trying to stick to some ghazel the last line of the ghazel the poet may use the last couplet as a signature, using his or her name in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person..( my surname means field by a hedge )






  1. i like how you mentioned your surname means field of the hedge – how you worked it in so well in your minighazal. very nice haibun.


  2. What superb writing. The second sentence in your prose just stunning, and the modern ghazal fit so well. I really enjoyed this very much. The landscape and people part of each other was a very strong theme I thought.


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