Ligo Haibun Challenge – ” Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay.” Sallust

Spectacular fail to meet the brief this week..apologies for putting a ramble out on the public arena..

Sallust complained of the deterioration of morals in his generation and of the need to subjugate and destroy for personal gain and the fantasy of honour.

ancestors mask

under a dying sun

my reflection

Throughout our history people’ have been displaced and dispossessed. Their hearths, families, lands, culture and persons have been used and abused. The intentions of others to clear out and away a perceived obstacle or threat.

I am an atom

I am a fruit softening

into sugar

I am the seed

that passes through

I am the twist

of  instruction

and memory

I am the message

coming through

Our behaviours are repeated with each new birth of a drone in the hive. We work together and against on an ever increasing scale to keep cohesion of the whole.

I am a molecule

I am singing

through vibration

I am a rock

but still I sing

Complex elements of dis-ease, twisted seeds burrow into pumping hearts. A desire for a never ending feast, for the eternal safety of an unchanging state.

I am material

I have form

and action

I am


The struggle for harmony in small things, mindfulness of action and reaction. To try and subjugate our disparate parts, to not let fly the covert arrows and to catch a glimpse of the myriad coloured and reflective angles that we shield ourselves with.

I am


I am


What a gift of pleasure and pain, to hear the voices of centuries speaking the same language. To be understudy for every part, and player of one.

shattered bowl

picking up the pieces

of a glued colander


  1. This is wonderfully original, and very accessible as a reader. ……and my is it thought-provoking! I keep going through it to get as much as I can from it. Great lines, and ideas. You made a real stand here, and the rhythm of this unique piece is unique. The realisation of how right you are is humbling, and the way you took the quote and fully explored it is very impressive. I enjoyed it very much for its originality, philosophy and the research I see in it. Thanks very much.


  2. I love this part: “I am an atom/ I am a fruit softening/ into sugar/ I am the seed/ that passes through.” You are what you eat, you are the universe, you are everything. Very mystical. Great writing.


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