Ligo Haibun –

The quote that I’ve chosen for this weeks haibun is

‘ music in the soul can be heard in the universe ‘

Lao Tzu

The primordial hum, the hymns of Veda, the music of the spheres, everything  animate and inanimate gives off sound. String theory has it that every particle that emits a force ( a  boson ) has a partner particle ( a fermion ) that makes up matter, all held within varying structures of symmetry.

When learning the piano ( briefly ), the realisation that sound was so beautifully and intricately mathematical, opened in my mind a vast portal to a universe structured in sacred geometry.

the touch of ivory

strings resonate

across black space

A  short lived experience, the portal closed, leaving me only with a memory and intuition.

heard in space

seven billion breaths

sound one note

Please watch this charming animation – The Clangers in Music of the Spheres..


  1. Nicole, this is just lovely. Such a beautiful expression of a sacred sense. (I hadn’t seen it while I was in my little tunnel.) And the clangers are just so sweet. Something to share with the grandies when they come.


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